Kuban State Medical University

Kuban State Medical University Russia

Kuban State Medical University Russia is one of the oldest and most famous medical universities in Russia, having been established in 1920. Kuban State Medical University is located in the southern part of Russia in the city of Krasnodar. Kuban State Medical University is recognised by the Medical Council of India (MCI). Kuban State Medical University started taking MBBS admission for foreign students in the early 1960s, and since then, more than twenty thousand doctors and more than ten thousand specialist doctors have graduated from the university. All the graduate doctors from Kuban State Medical University are involved in medicinal practises in their respective countries. The MBBS fee structure at Kuban State Medical University, Russia is very low and very affordable.

Kuban State Medical University Russia

Currently in Kuban State Medical University more than sixty-five thousand students enrolled in the university, which includes over five hundred students from other countries. The faculty at Kuban State Medical University is more than six hundred. The faculty at this university are well-learned, friendly, and experienced. The medium of instruction is English. Kuban University conducts several training and course delivery methods such as formal lectures, practical seminars, and laboratory classes; science and practical conferences; participating in thematic contests and competitions; observing patients in clinical settings in some of the best medical establishments in the city; departmental research; and visits to anatomic museums. Kuban State Medical University Russia is one of Russia’s top universities.


  • Faculties of Pediatrics
  • Faculties of General Medicine
  • Faculties of Dentistry
  • Faculties of Stomatology
  • Faculties of Pharmacy
  • Faculties of Postgraduate

Accommodation of Kuban State Medical University Russia

Kuban State Medical University in Russia has four fully furnished hostels. Hostel rooms are neat and clean, and the hostel is Wi-Fi enabled, so students can avail the benefit of free internet. The city of Krasnodar is also quite safe and friendly for Indian students. At Kuban State Medical University (Russia), students celebrate all national festivals. At these festivals, programmes are put together in which spectacular performances of folk songs and dances are performed by the students. Such celebrations are admired by both academic staff and students. The hostels for the students are nearby the university, and the hostels are very hygienic and, in terms of security, very reliable. Special attention is paid to the female students’ security. In the hostel, an Indian mess facility is also available, with home-style Indian food available for Indian students. Special care of hygiene and quality is taken when cooking Indian food at Kuban State Medical University.

MBBS Fee Structure

1st Year 4500 US Dollars (315,000 Rupees) 300 US Dollars (21,000 Rupees) 4800 US Dollars (3,36,000 Rupees)
2nd – 6 Years 2900 US Dollars/yr. (203,000 Rupees) 300 US Dollars/yr. (21,000 Rupees) 3200 US Dollars/yr. (2,24,000 Rupees)

1 USD = 70 rupees (Subject to change as per exchange rates)

.Medical University Russia Kuban State Medical University Russia Kuban State Medical University Russia
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