European Teaching University Tbilisi

European Teaching University Tbilisi Georgia

European University, formerly referred to as European Teaching University Tbilisi Georgia is one of the most well-liked universities to review MBBS programmes in Georgia. It was completely founded in 1995. European Teaching University Tbilisi, Georgia is focused on coaching abuse of the ecu model, competitive to develop students in accordance with international demands.

Teaching University, Tbilisi, Georgia is approved by the Medical Council of India for Indian students to review MBBS in Georgia. It’s jointly listed by the UN agency in the world directory of medical faculties. When completed, after all, students will work anywhere in Europe. Students can also observe in India when taking MCI Screening tests. As a result, the university provides scholars with a wide range of career options.

European Teaching University Tbilisi

uropean Teaching University Tbilisi, Georgia is staffed by qualified and knowledgeable lecturers, as well as invited specialists from UN agencies who have received their education at Europe’s top universities. This contributes to the international expertise and high-quality, innovation-based learning in the European Teaching University.

European Teaching University Tbilisi Georgia had a modern technological foundation and a diverse library with a collection of both paper and e-books. The lecture halls of European universities are equipped with projectors, show systems, and thus the necessary equipment for applicable programmes that meet all of the requirements for quality education. A Learning Management System is also used by European University for the administration, documentation, tracking, news, and delivery of academic courses or coaching programs. Many international students, as well as Indian scholars, are learning at the ECU University field. The university takes the services of a specialised agency, that helps international students with shelter, food, and security.

5 Year MBBS Program in European Teaching University Tbilisi

The European University has received permission to offer 5-year MBBS program to the students. It will be mentioned on the offer letter provided by the university that a student can accomplish the course in 5-years


European Teaching University Tbilisi Georgia offers extremely specialised study programmes in business, management, and health. Educational degrees awarded by EEU are recognised worldwide. European Teaching University Programs are designed to convey the students’ in-depth understanding of health and business challenges and problems, trendy sensible data, and important thinking skills. Graduates learn to use effective leadership strategies and to use their data in future triple-crown skilled careers.

Documents Required for MBBS Admission European Teaching University Tbilisi
  • Scanned copy of the filled admission form
  • Scanned copy of mark sheet & certificate of class 10th,
  • Scanned copy of passing mark sheet & certificate of class 12th .
  • 6 Passport size colored photographs
  • Scanned copy of passport (first and last page)
  • HIV test report

Why Study in European University?

  • Approved by Medical Council of India (MCI)
  • Member of FAIMER
  • Listed in WHO
  • Medium of Teaching is English
  • Standard of Education is High
  • Affordable Tuition Fee
  • Indian Food Cooked by Indian Cooks
  • Located in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia
FEES IN US DOLLARS(1-5 Years) 4500 US Dollars 1000 US Dollars 5500 US Dollars
FEES IN INDIAN RUPEES(1-5 Years) 292,000 rupees/yr. 65,000 rupees/yr. 357,000 rupees/yr.

1 USD = 65 rupees (Subject to change as per exchange rates)