MBBS Study in Russia/Uzbekistan/Kyrgyzstan/Georgia/Armenia ect. 2024 In Top Medical Universities

MBBS Study in Russia is one of the most popular over the worldwide due to its high-quality education with a perfect amalgamation Trust and Repute of MBBS Admission Russia. Russia’s Medical Education System is holding its repute as one of the best MBBS studies in Russia and the world because of its quality, prestige, and affordability. Majority of students over the worldwide prefer to peruse his/her MBBS Admission in Russia, 30 top ranked universities with in the world ranking is of Russian Medical University.

Due to its growing popularity, students from all over the globe are attracted towards Russia’s medical education and even Indian students prefer MBBS Admission in Russia for quality education. If you are also aspiring to be a part of the World’s Top Most MBBS Study Prestigious Government Medical University, then you are at the right place. We at WWEC – Well Wisher Education Consultancy (LLP) will help you to choose the best and top medical university for MBBS studies in Russia.

Indian Studentshave been taking MBBS Stusy in Russia at these universities since 1982. More than 20,000 Indian doctors have graduated from these universities and are actively practising in India. Graduates from this university work in 108 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, India, and the Arab world.

Russian universities offer undergraduate medical programmes such as MBBS (G.Medicine), M.D, BDS (Dental) and pharmacy. The medium of MBBS Admission in Russia universities is both English and Russian Language. In Russian universities and academies, over 3 million students are enrolled in MBBS programs. Almost 10,000 Indian students are enrolled in various medical universities and academies in Russia for MBBS Admission. WWEC is the Authorized Representative and offers the best services to Indian students seeking MBBS admission.

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    MBBS Study in Russia
    MBBS Study in Russia

    GET DIRECT ADMISSION FOR MBBS ADMISSION IN Russia/Uzbekistan /Kyrgyzstan/Georgia/Armenia

    Russian universities offer undergraduate medical programs such as MBBS (G.Medicine),M.D, BDS(Dental) and pharmacy. The medium of MBBS Admission in Russia universities is both English and Russian Language. Over 3 million students are enrolled in MBBS Study in Russian Universities and Academy. Nearly, 10000 Indian students are studying MBBS Admission in Russia different medical Universities and Academy. WWEC is the Authorized Representative and Providing the Best Services for MBBS Admission Indian Students.

    Why Study Abroad?

    Low Tuition Fees Structure

    The universities abroad offer Indian students a very low-cost tuition fee compared to that for the same course in India.

    Admission in the Top Ranked Universities

    Studying abroad expands your options of getting a seat in the top-ranked universities of the world.

    No Entrance Test

    Many universities do not ask for any entrance examination like IELTS/TOEFL or any language test.

    No Donation

    Foreign universities never demand any donation or any extra fee. Students have to pay only the tuition fee of the university.

    Worldwide Recognition

    The universities are approved and recognized by top organizations like NMC, WHO which confirms that the degree from such universities is recognized worldwide.

    Medium of Teaching is English

    All the universities we offer to students are teaching the courses in English medium, there is no compulsion to learn foreign languages for it.

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    • We are India’s leading overseas educational consultancy.
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    • More than 8000 students have successfully counseled and taken admission with the help of Select Your University.
    • Detailed and expert guidance and verified information.
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    • Assistance for Visa and passport as well as accommodation abroad.
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    • We help provide scholarships to deserving candidates.

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