Dagestan State Medical University

Dagestan State Medical University Russia

Dagestan State Medical University Russia is a higher education institution in the Republic of Dagestan. Dagestan State Medical University is an 83-year old medical institution, which was formed in 1932. Dagestan State Medical University is a major educational, scientific, and medical center.

The structure of Dagestan State Medical University consists of 6 faculties, 70 departments, an Institute of Human Ecology, consultative and diagnostic polyclinic, College of Medicine, Department of Computer and Information Center, technical support, analytical department, Internet Point, Scientific Medical Library, Sports Complex, and a publishing and printing center.

Dagestan State Medical University Russia has highly skilled faculty, characterised by high professionalism and dedication. At Dagestan State Medical University, there are 736 teachers. Among them, 121 doctors and professors, 429 associate professors, 4 Honored Scientists of the Russian Federation, 41 Honored Scientists, 24 Honorary Doctors of Russia, and 15 honoured inventors and innovators. Currently, there are 5200 students at Dagestan State Medical University. They get education in six specialties, among them over 170 international students from 12 countries. Students are offered the opportunity to get education both in undergraduate and postgraduate education.

Dagestan State Medical University Russia in the past 83 years, more than 27, 000 successful doctors have graduated from the Academy, including 700 foreign students from different countries. Dagestan State Medical University, Russia has become a real medical college in Russia. Specialists, who have graduated from Dagestan State Medical University in Russia have always been known for their strong educational background, obtained at this higher educational institution in Russia.

Dagestan State Medical University

Dagestan State Medical University Russia Faculties

  • Faculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty of Pediatrics
  • faculty of Nursing
  • faculty of Pharmacy


At the times of application along with the application form:

    • Photo Copies of 10th Mark Sheet
    • Photo Copies of 10th Passing Certificate
    • Photo Copies of 12th Mark Sheet
    • Photo Copies of 12th passing Certificate
    • Copy of the Passport (1st & last page)
    • 8 Recent Colored Photographs
1st Year 4700 US Dollars (300,000 Rupees) 400 US Dollars (25,600 Rupees) 5100 US Dollars (326,000 Rupees)
2nd Years to 6 Years 3700 US Dollars/yr. (236,000 Rupees) 400 US Dollars/yr. (25,600 Rupees) 4100 US Dollars/yr. (262,000 Rupees)
Fee of Dagestan State Medical University Russia Accommodation

Dagestan State Medical University An accommodation facility is also available for the students at a very feasible rate. Dagestan State Medical University provides good quality of service and the food provided at the university hostels is up to the mark, keeping the health of the students in mind. The infrastructure of the whole university is well maintained, no matter if it is a hostel, classroom, laboratory, or canteen. Living in residence puts students at an academic advantage. The combination of designated study space, academic skills programming, scholastic role models, and peer study groups combines to create an environment conducive to academic acceleration.

Dagestan State Medical University

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