Mari State Medical University

Mari State Medical University Russia

Mari State Medical University Russia It could be a classical university in Mari El Republic, a member of the River Region’s Association of classical universities, a member of the Russian Association of Classical Universities, and therefore the founding father of the Association of Finno-Ugric Universities. Mari State Medical University was founded in 1972.

Mari State Medical University is one of the most prestigious and effective multi-field universities in the river territorial division and Russia. It’s an academic, scientific and cultural center at Mari El Republic and it conjointly plays a very important role within the sociology-economic, political and non secular development of the region and therefore the country as an entire.

The educational quality at Mari State Medical University in Russia is comparable to the standards. Mari State Medical University follows the international programme in Russia. All the lecture rooms and laboratories in Mari State Medical University are well equipped with all the latest infrastructure and technology. Mari State Medical University is considered to be the centre of education and research projects and is listed in the directories of the world’s major organisations like the Medical Council of Bharat, the World Health Organization, the European Medical Council, the United Nations agency, and therefore the Medical Councils of many alternative countries.

Mari State Medical University is awarded with the medallion “European Quality. One hundred best universities in Russia – 2009”. The pastor of Mari State University, Dr. Vitaly Makarov, was awarded with the unearned aegis of “Best Pastor – 2009” by the Free Public Council of the competition “European Quality: Gold Medal”.

Mari State Medical University Russia there’s an efficient feedback system that helps the university authorities take the students’ opinions into consideration during necessary decision-making. One hundred contracts with future employers have been signed; the university is broadening and strengthening relations with its strategic partners, such as “Sberbank of Russia,” the “Akashevo” company, “Marbiofarm,” and others, who provide significant opportunities for the duty placement of Mari State University Russia scholars and graduates.

Mari State Medical University

At present, the scholars of the Institute of medication and scientific discipline are trained in 3 specialties: internal medicine (MBBS), pharmacy, and basic and applied chemistry, and in four subject areas resulting in a bachelor’s degree: Chemistry, Ecology and Use of Natural Resources, Biology, and education education (Biology).

The teaching staff of Mari State Medical University consists of extremely masterly professionals: eight Doctors of Sciences and full professors; candidates of sciences and associate professors. This explains the massive quantity of state-financed analysis applied at the institute. Students of all specialties take a full life course in research. The most gifted graduates, inquisitive about analysis, take a post-graduate course at Mari State Medical University, at the institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, or at Lomonosov Russian Capital State University.

Mari State Medical University Russia Programs

  • General Medicine (MBBS)
  • Form of studies: full-time
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Duration: 5.8 years

Mari State Medical University Pharmacy

  • Form of studies: full-time
  • Language of instruction: English, Russian
  • Duration: 5 years
Mari State Medical University Russia Student Life

Student life at Mari State Medical University is so diverse that anyone will notice something that appeals to his or her feelings – scientific communities, interest clubs, sports colleges, volunteering, charity work, public service, cultural events, and, overall, constant movement, development, exchange of expertise, and communication with students from other higher educational establishments in Russia and other countries around the world.

There are student scientific societies in every college or institute, with the university’s main student scientific society as the centre uniting them. It offers participation in youth forums, seminars, and conferences in the town at regional, national, and international levels. This is a chance for winners to get diplomas for their portfolios, and as a chance for college students to exchange experiences with students from completely different cities and to become familiar with the culture and sights of lovely cities in Russia and around the world while traveling.

MBBS Fee : Mari State Medical University Russia

FEES ( 1 year) 4600 US Dollars(286,000 Rupees) 450 US Dollars(29,250 Rupees) 5050 US Dollars(328,000 Rupees)
FEES ( 2-6 years)
Total tuition fee for 6 years-Rs:12,30000/
3000 US Dollars(195,000 Rupees) 450 US Dollars(29,250 Rupees) 3450 US Dollars(224,000 Rupees)

1 USD = 65 rupees (Subject to change as per exchange rates)