Zaporozhye State Medical University

Zaporozhye State Medical University

Ukraine’s Zaporozhye State Medical University In every nation, medicine is a crucial and essential field, and almost all countries offer medical studies. India also stands best in offering MBBS courses, but the cost involved is quite high when compared with international universities.Zaporozhye State Medical University

Because of this, Indian students are now more inclined to international medical universities to fulfil their dream of becoming qualified medical practitioners. Ukraine is becoming a popular destination for aspiring medical students.

Zaporozhye State Medical University Ukraine was founded in 1968 and is an MCI approved institution with IV level accreditation. It is an autonomous medical institute best known for providing a high-quality and comprehensive MBBS course. They can be well distinguished from others based on their faculty and high standards of education.

Zaporozhye State Medical University Ukraine fee structure is attractive and importantly economical that gets easily fit in the students’ budget.

How Well Wisher Can Help? for Zaporozhye State Medical University

Well Wisher is a prominent name in the field of overseas education. Our dedicated and skilled counsellors help aspiring medical students get admission to international medical universities with the utmost ease. Our team

  • Offers personal and professional counseling covering every aspect of the admission process.
  • Help in the Visa process and required approval from the Ministry and Embassy.
  • Help to do travel planning and suggest cost-effective accommodation.
  • Assist in understanding the Zaporozhye State Medical University MBBS fee mechanism.

Documents Required for Zaporozhye State Medical University Ukraine

  • Scanned copy of the NEET score card
  • Scanned copy of mark sheet and certificate of class 10th
  • Scanned copy of passing mark sheet and certificate of class 12th
  • 6 Passport size colored photographs
  • Scanned copy of passport (first and last page)
  • HIV test report with sign of doctor

We realize the importance of achieving dreams, for which we extend all our help to our future doctors.

Come and speak to our admission consultants to explore affordable MBBS Universities in Ukraine. Studying medical sciences or MBBS is a dream of many students or medical aspirants. The Will to Serve Feel free to contact us to know more about Zaporozhye State Medical University Ukraine medicinal programs.

MBBS Fee Structure

1st Year 6400 US Dollars (4,48,000 Rupees) 800 US Dollars (56,000 Rupees) 7200 US Dollars (5,04,000 Rupees)
2nd – 6 Years 5000 US Dollars/yr. (3,50,000 Rupees) 500 US Dollars/yr. (35,000 Rupees) 5500 US Dollars/yr. (3,85,000 Rupees)

1 USD = 70 rupees (Subject to change as per exchange rates)