Volgograd State Medical University Russia

Volgograd State Medical University is the only fully English-medium medical university in Russia. It is located in the city of Russia known as Volgograd, which is near the capital of Russia, Moscow. MBBS admission at Volgograd State Medical University opens every year from the month of April to the month of August. The university takes only one intake every year, and most of the Russian university system is like this. Students can easily apply for MBBS admission at Volgograd State Medical University, and the documents required for admission are listed below.

    • Students should be NEET qualify
    • Students get 50% in PCB in 12th standard
    • Students passed in 10th standard
  • Need international passport

Volgograd State Medical University has very long experience of providing medical education in English-medium to international students. Since 2001, the university has been teaching in English, so all faculties have had 20 years of experience. Volgograd State Medical University is the most famous and top-ranked medical university in Russia, which is very popular among foreign students and foreign contraries.

Every Year more the 150 Indian students take MBBS admission in Volgograd State Medical University and more than 250 students from other nations like Afghanistan, China, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Nigeria, and others. The university has many buildings for non-clinical classes and also has attached many hospitals for clinical classes. So students aged 1-3 years attend non-clinical classes and those aged 4-6 years attend clinical classes. At Volgograd State Medical University, for clinical class students doing duties in hospitals, the duties are in three shifts: morning, evening, and night.

In the duty, students have to take patients’ history, examine the patients, check the patients, make the provisional diagnosis and explain everything to their seniors or to their teachers.

Volgograd State Medical University is administered by the Russian Health and Education ministries and is also recognised by the Medical Council of India. Volgograd State Medical University teaches students in three patterns: Russian Medium, Partial Medium (4+2=1-4 years in English Medium and 5–6 years in Russian Medium) and Fully English Medium (1-6 years in English Medium). The medium of instruction depends on the students’ choosing which medium they choose at time of admission. Volgograd State Medical University has a fully English-medium and is a top-ranked medical university in Russia. It has very high standards in medical teaching with the latest technology and updated research.